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“Motherfunk does an impeccable job creating space that brings people together to dance, connect, and create in a way you won’t find just going out to a bar. Feels like a community of like-minded people of all sorts to get together and be groovy!”

McKenzie Davis

"I attended a Motherfunk event in January 2022 and was beyond impressed from start to finish. From the location selection (Nurture in Denver) to the collaboration with the local female owned PR agency (Chatter Club), the event was a networking hit. Its agenda was structured yet ethereal and open for the audience to actually network and converse. It left me inspired and excited to collaborate with women in my community. I'm excited to attend more Motherfunk events in the future and see what happens next.”

Carlee Henderson

“Art is how we

decorate space, music

is how we decorate time.”

-Jean-Michel Basquiat